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Noel's Scrabble Tips

Noel's Tips
New Players

Tips for New Players - 3

4. Adding to Words

This move illustrates a number of points. With JADED the same has been done that was done on the opening move: a word has been found which is long enough to place the J on the double-letter square, whilst the whole word is doubled, thus gaining 4 times the value of the J. The word has also been attached to the bottom of another, by means of a hook. This gives the face-value of all the tiles in TROUNCE, as well as the D again.

Note that it is only the face-values of the tiles which have already been played, which count again. Note also that the second D has been used, to attach JADED to the bottom of TROUNCE. It is not necessary to use the S. Not only would it have scored 3 points fewer, in this particular situation, it would also have been a waste of a very powerful tile. All things being equal, and ignoring more subtle reasons for playing these tiles, the S's and blanks should never be frittered away for very little gain. They should always be kept to make use of better scoring opportunities, which are almost certain to arrive, later (See Board 9.). This point cannot be made strongly enough. The power of these tiles is so great that competitive players have been seen to visibly cringe when they see them being wasted by novices, or purely social players.

5. Triple Letters & Double Words

This is yet another simple example, after the fashion of the first move. This time, however, the Z has been placed on a triple-letter square, so that, when the word-score is doubled, the face-value of the Z will have been multiplied by 3 x 2 = 6 times.

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