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Noel's Scrabble Tips

Noel's Tips
New Players

Tips for New Players - 2

2. A Bonus Word

Player 2 now responds with a bonus word. Clearing the rack of all its tiles results in a bonus score of 50 points. This is a particularly good combination of letters. NASTIES, as in "video nasties", is, itself, a word, and there are 4 other, less common, anagrams. But it is usually the simplest, and most lucrative option, to play towards the triple-word squares, whenever they are available. If you donít, then remember that your opponent might.

3. A Double-Double

This move is known as a double-double. The word has bridged two double-word squares. This means that the score for the whole word is doubled, and then doubled again, making a total of 4 times the original score. One tile, the Z, is still on the rack, so that, even though this is a 7-letter word, it has not scored any bonus points. To score bonus points, a player must clear the rack completely, no matter how long the word.

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