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Tips for More Advanced Players
- Tile-Turnover

Generally, the advice of the top players is that, the more letters you play, the more you will get to pick out of the bag, and the fewer will be the letters you leave for your opponent. You have more chance of picking-up the "goodies", and, statistically, it can be shown that the player who wins is, more often than not, the one who has played the most tiles. However, whilst such a strategy may be fine for those players who have armed themselves with the sort of vocabulary which easily overawes the rest of us (they can expect to be able to deal with just about any horrible combination of letters that Lady Luck is ready to throw at them) it may, for the rest of us, do more harm than good. It is, indeed, the very antithesis of good rack management, since, most of the time, your rack will be completely out of control, consisting, almost entirely, of the letters that you have just picked, randomly, out of the bag.

Therefore, unless you have the time to learn the entire OSWI, you should not embrace this strategy without coupling it with some degree of common sense. By all means, when there is nothing on your rack worth keeping, and when the score on offer, or the scoring opportunities that you are giving away, are not prejudiced by playing the longest word available to you, then go-ahead; choose turn-over, and increase your chances of getting those tiles which are likely to make all the difference. But, once your rack starts to show promise, in the direction that your word-learning is best-equipped to exploit, be ready to start to make more compromises, away from turn-over, and towards good rack management. If your compromises lead to your clearing your whole rack more often than you otherwise would, then the chances are that you will, after all, be the player who plays the most letters, anyway!

Changing Tiles