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Club Rules

September 2002

1. The Club meets on Tuesday evenings and members shall arrive by 7:30 pm, so that the tables can be organised and play begin by 7:45 pm.

2. On arrival, players should inform the taker of the register, which group, "A" or "B", they would prefer to play in. Players in the "A" group will take part in a tournament-style evening, with the aim being to win both their games, and achieve the highest spread whilst so doing. Players in the "B" group will be aiming simply to achieve the highest score over their two games, irrespective of whether or not the game is won or lost.

3. Players draw cards to determine whom they will play in the first game.

When there is an odd number of players in the "A" group, one player will be asked to act as two players for the evening. This will be done on the basis of a rota system. The Vice-Chairman will keep the rota up-to-date. The Vice-Chairman will also keep a note of the players involved in playing against the two-handed player, and use the information to ensure that such players do not do so on consecutive occasions. The two-handed player will be allocated Tables 1 and 3, for the first game.

When there is an odd number of players in the "B" group, three players will play a single game. The players to play in the 3-hander will be determined by the drawing of cards. At the end of the game, these players scores will be increased by 50% for comparison with other players, and for inclusion in the averages.

For the second game, winners will play winners, and losers will play losers. This is achieved by the winners on odd tables, and the losers on even tables, each moving to the next highest-numbered table, with the top table moving to Table 1. When there is an odd number of tables, the loser from Table 1. will normally be found to be playing the winner from the top table.

When a first game results in a draw, the players should draw tiles to decide who will be treated as a winner, and who as a loser, purely for the purpose of changing partners.

4. At the end of the evening, certificates will be awarded to the winners of the groups. In the "A" group, the certificate is awarded to the player who has won both games and achieved the highest spread (overall margin of victory) in so doing. Minor placings will be similarly decided, with the number of games won counting before spread. In the "B" group, the certificate will be awarded to the player who achieves the highest score over both games.

The results of all the players will count towards the respective Group Championships.

The "A" Group Championship will be based on the average placing of each player in the seasonís evening tournaments.

5. Chess clocks will be used in the "A" Group, with each player beginning with 25 minutes on their clock. Unlike chess, games should be played to a conclusion, even if both players flags have fallen. Excess time results in time penalties.

45 minutes is the normally expected length of time for games in the "B" group. Some players may require a little longer and this may be permitted at the discretion of the score-taker, or, if necessary, brought to a conclusion, before it is finished. In such a case, both players deduct the total value of the tiles on their rack from their final scores, with neither benefitting from the otherís deduction.

The "B" Group Championship will be based on the playerís average score over the whole year.

To qualify for inclusion in the end-of-season group statistics, players must have taken part in at least 50% of the seasonís club nights. The player will then qualify in the group in which he/she has played most of his/her games.

6. The current rules of the "Association of British Scrabble Players" will apply, where they are applicable, in all groups.

7. Any words challenged should be referred to an inactive player on an adjacent table. In the event of a dispute, the most senior member of the committee available, not directly involved, should be consulted for a final decision.

Players in the "B" Group may consult 2- and 3-letter word-lists during the game, provided that this does not hold up play. If any longer words are challenged these should be referred to a player on another table, in the normal way.

8. Scores will be recorded by a senior member of the Committee, and the winners of the Group certificates will be announced at the end of the evening, which will normally be at 10 pm.