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Penny Downer - Scrabble Expert

Penny Downer is one of Newport Scrabble Club's founder members and ranks in the Top 50 or so players in the UK. She possesses the title of "Expert", which is Scrabble's equivalent of the "Master" status in chess.

Her highest official rating was 187, corresponding to her highest national ranking of 10th, in 1996, which enabled her to take part in the 1997 World Championships, in Washington. The World Championships gave her her best achievement in Scrabble. She occupied a place in the Top 10 for much of the event, in the Top 20 for most of it, and finally finished 21st. That made her the World's best lady player at the time. Matt Graham, who won his way through to the final, and who played Penny twice during the course of the event, described her as "awesome". She was officially the "meanest" player in the World, having conceded fewer points then anyone-else.

Like many other Island players, Penny did not enter national competitions until the late 1980's. Here are some of her best achievements:

Penny Downer - Achievements


Southampton Open - Runner-Up


APSP Summer Matchplay - Winner


Wimbledon Matchplay - 3rd
Egham Matchplay - 3rd
Highest Rating - 187
Highest National Ranking - 10th


World Championships - 21st
Highest-Placed Lady Player


Hampshire Open - Winner
Isle of Wight Matchplay - Winner

Newport (I.W.) Scrabble Club

14 Times:
1985-1991, 1993-1994, 1996-1998,

Newport (I.W.) Scrabble Club
Knock-Out Winner

10 Times:
1980, 1983-1986, 1993, 1995, 1997
1998, 2000