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Welcome to the Official Homepage for
for Newport (I.W.) Scrabble Club!

Did you know that, according to J.W. Spears' own newsletter, there are more competitive Scrabble players per head of population on the Isle of Wight, than anywhere else in the UK?

So, congratulations! You are lucky enough to want to pursue your favourite hobby in what is probably the best place in the country. There are major cities which have struggled to form Scrabble Clubs, whilst the Island has two of the largest clubs around.

In practice, this means that we can offer you a whole range of possible opponents, from people who enjoy the game simply because they like word-games and enjoy the company, right up to one lady, Penny Downer, (pictured right, taking part in the National Championships, in a photograph that was published in "The Times") who the top U.S. player, Matt Graham (runner-up in the 1997 World Championships) described, simply, as "awesome".

This website has been prepared in order to provide potential newcomers with an introduction to the Isle of Wight Scrabble scene, and existing Club players with a comprehensive guide to everything that is available in Club and Tournament Scrabble. It aims to explain how Club Scrabble has evolved, both locally, and nationally, and outline what it has to offer to all concerned. It includes the first full record of the Islandís trophy winners, and its achievements.

Finally, the Club's second Expert player, Noel Turner (pictured left as he appeared on "Countdown"), provides advice on how to improve your game, so that you, too, can quickly adapt to competitive Scrabble.

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